Thursday, January 05, 2006

WE DIDN'T HAVE a real Christmas tree this year. Between the deaths in the family and the bathroom renovation, the energy just wasn't there. But, lo and behold, we do have three discarded Christmas trees piled in front of our house!

You see, we are the lucky custodians of the Magic Garbage Tree. Not to compare the neighbors to hygienically questionable household pets or anything, but, like dogs looking for a place to piss, our neighbors look for a tree to set their trash next to, and we have a tree out front. It's really quite amazing -- at one point last year, neighbors carried yard waste from three doors down to put it in front of our house instead of in front of theirs.

This is separate from the issue of the dog walkers who gift our trash bins with their mutts' droppings. That might be OK if the trash collectors actually collected the trash in the bins, but, no, they collect only the gift-wrapped trash -- and the dog shit is never gift-wrapped. So the dog owners may, maybe, think they're doing something good when they throw the crap into a receptacle, but no. They're just throwing it in my lap. Same with the 7-Eleven, Subway and Burger King patrons.

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