Thursday, November 23, 2006

BOXING WAS MY LIFE for what seems like forever, but what actually was more like the mid- to late '70s, mainly 1975 and 1976. For the most part this just meant I was a huge fan. At one point I was so huge a fan that I could pretty much type out a top-100 ranking for each of the 12 weight classes that existed at the time -- and did, during "free type" time in junior-high typing class.

But it also went so far that I did some boxing myself. Or at least I -- and my brother Terence -- trained and sparred and hit the bag. I even climbed into the ring in an actual amateur competition, one that included future world champions. You can see how that turned out here (that's me in the green shirt, after a few seconds of my brothers goofing around):

Thursday, November 16, 2006

SPEEDING COPS, to me, are like gay homophobes: I have no problem with your your doing these things, just don't go condemning other people for doing the same thing.

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