Saturday, September 21, 2002

A VERY BELATED THOUGHT on the issue of Germany and extradition:

Germany's justice system would have sprung any and all Sept. 11 plotters put on trial, at least if the Germans' explanation of their treatment of Monica Seles's attacker was truthful. Guenther Parche wasn't punished for stabbing Seles in Hamburg, because Parche got what he wanted and was therefore deemed no longer a danger. The World Trade Center isn't there anymore, so Ramzi Binalshibh isn't a danger either, right?

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

TWO FACTS that are well known but bear repeating:

1. When you're waiting to get on an elevator or a train, remember that nobody ever gets off an elevator or a train. So when those doors open, just jump right in! No need to look first or anything.

2. Waddling across the street at negative-four miles per hour makes you the coolest pedestrian in the whole wide world. Who's afraid of them there cars? Not you! You go, girls and boys -- but not too fast!

HERE'S A FIRST, and probably a last:

I was recognized on the street yesterday.

I don't believe it either, but a young man on a bicycle pedaled up to me just south of Pennsylvania Avenue as I was walking home from casting a primary-election vote and asked, "Are you the guy who does The Slot?"

I didn't get his name (yes, I have no manners), but I learned that he's a North Carolina State grad who's taking desktop-publishing classes at George Washington University in hopes of breaking into the editing field. He said he's a fan of the site. I didn't think my likeness was that prominent on the site, but obviously he saw the pictures enough to recognize me.

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