Wednesday, November 24, 2004

ANOTHER WEEKEND in the Coal Region. Realty realities seem to be conspiring against our dream of buying a dirt-cheap house in my birthplace to serve as a combination storage locker, weekend getaway, emergency shelter, investment property, home-renovation practice facility, and tribute to Howard Johnson's and the heyday of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, but we'll see.

Meanwhile, I can cross a new regional foodstuff off my list: the screamer, a hamburger in which the formation of the patty includes hot sauce. The above-linked Web site describes the burger a little differently and credits Tony's Lunch in Girardville, Pa., as the inventor. My experience (quite good, I might add) was at the new Pottsville Maroons Sports Bar.

Pottsville is also good for ring bologna and a credible rendition of what some call "tavern pizza" or "pitza," though in Pottsville it's simply the pizza from the Pottsville Pizzeria.

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