Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I GOT THE XM SATELLITE RADIO installed in my car while I was on vacation. I haven't mentioned it because I have nothing profound to say, other than "This is really cool!"

Today I heard Fountains of Wayne, a group that all the kids are apparently listening to. First impression: not so good. The song was "Bright Future in Sales," and more than anything else it reminded me of my rant on snot-nosed cleverness in writing. (Yeah, I know, I'm one to talk.)

There are loads of exceptions and in-betweens, but in general I like my alternative music tuneful and subtly evocative, not Ritalin-boy wordy and too clever by two-thirds. R.E.M., not Timbuk 3; the Shins, not Barenaked Ladies; the Pernice Brothers, not Fountains of Wayne. I'm not so keen on Weezer either. Those boys' music isn't nearly as hyper as the other "nots" that I've mentioned, but there's nothing catchy in the music; it's all about the words.

It was all I could do to give Fountains of Wayne a chance at all, considering that awful name. But I try to stay open-minded, and sure enough XM convinced me that I've been missing out on something by ignoring Ned's Atomic Dustbin all these years.

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