Friday, August 27, 2004

ANYONE FROM THE FTC READING? My e-mail started working again today, after 10 days, though only coincidentally because SiteHosting.net fixed its servers. The more important reason was that my DNS change went through and now I was getting my mail through
Lunarpages, my apparently excellent new provider.

But SiteHosting did close the almighty "ticket" and advised me by e-mail to contact customer service if I wasn't satisfied.

Well, I wasn't satisfied. Working e-mail from now on is nice, but I'd sorta like the e-mail that people tried to send me over the past week-and-a-half. Technical issues precluded this, which I can understand even while I'm bitching and moaning, but then am I not owed some compensation for the loss of service and the destruction of property?

Apparently not. But I could get a refund of 10 days' worth of fees if I switched from Affinity Internet Inc.'s SiteHosting.net subsidiary to Affinity Internet Inc.'s ValueWeb subsidiary! (I was saving the part about canceling altogether until the end of the phone call; they did offer me the refund at that point.)

Now, maybe I'm just overreacting, but does this sound like the way a scrupulous company would solicit business for one of its units? How can I be sure the outage and the destruction of my property weren't business tactics? FTC?

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