Thursday, April 15, 2004

THE BEST ROUTINE from the first few episodes of Comedy Central's "100 Greatest Standups of All Time" is from a comedian I had always thought of as a prime example of unfunny stand-up, George Wallace. (Not the racist Alabama governor.)

George begins: "I went to McDonald's the other day. My total was two dollars and seventy-eight cents. I gave the kid three dollars and three pennies -- and all hell broke loose."

By the way, when you plug "George Wallace" and "all hell broke loose" into Google, that routine isn't what comes up.

SENSEO UPDATE. The thing really is a masterpiece of industrial design, and I'm getting used to the not-so-great coffee. Pour me a cup of the good stuff and I may need TP, for my bunghole. When Podhead.com comes out with compatible coffee pods, I think I'll have a winner.

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