Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"BANDS REUNITED" on VH1.com: Compelling for so many reasons, as it turns out, but then again I'd like it even if it ended up being the schlock it sounds like. If you were ever in a band (I wasn't), it's probably all the more compelling.

A kiss-assy VH1 host tracks down members of an '80s band one by one in hopes of not only getting the members back together but also getting them to play a one-night gig. The debut featured Berlin, which hit it big with "Sex (I'm a ...)" but is probably best known for "Take My Breath Away."

Tonight, the episode I'm most excited about: Romeo Void. I didn't know that anybody outside the band and my immediate family cared about Romeo Void. In typical true-fan fashion, I once would have told you that the band's hit, "Never Say Never," was one of its worst songs. I'm a little more realistic now.

Also coming up: A Flock of Seagulls, Klymaxx, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Kajagoogoo, Extreme, Dramarama, the Alarm and ... Squeeze.

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