Tuesday, December 23, 2003

WHAT I LEARNED last week in Las Vegas:

1. A royal flush on a quarter machine is nice. A royal flush on a dollar machine is nicer.

2. A royal flush for you is nice. A royal flush for your spouse is, well, nice, too.

3. A royal flush early in the trip is nice. A royal flush later in the trip is nicer.

4. Craps is a lot of fun, but for every can't-lose session there will be at least one can't-win session.

5. It doesn't take all that long to "give back" a thousand dollars.

6. Slowest week of the year? Maybe, but I don't think so. The National Finals Rodeo does a lot to take care of that.

7. The Hawaiian influence on downtown Las Vegas is expanding. For a long time, Hawaiians were a major presence at the California Hotel and Casino. Recently that expanded to Main Street Station, and more recently even the Golden Nugget has added Hawaiian items to its coffee-shop menu.

8. Speaking of Hawaiian dishes available at the Golden Nugget, loco moco is a new favorite of mine. And of all the side dishes a culture could be obsessed with, macaroni salad isn't a bad choice.

9. A fully comped meal is very, very nice. Especially with go-to-the-front-of-the-line privileges. Even if it's only at Tony Roma's.

10. "No double after split" is a very bad blackjack rule. I should have known that years earlier, but it's finally dawning on me.

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