Friday, November 21, 2003

I WAS A TEENAGE JFK-assassination-conspiracy buff. A lot of my "reports" and other projects in junior high and high school dealt with the existence of a second gunman. A CBS special 20 or so years ago changed my mind with a very simple experiment: They fired a rifle into a gelatin-packed skull or a melon or something, from behind, and sure enough the darn thing moved backward. Oliver Stone must have missed that one.

It was always all about the physical evidence to me. The idea that "this was too big to be the work of one man" is ludicrous. A guy, a gun, some luck, boom. Bullets work the same in important people as they do in anybody else. The idea today that 9/11 couldn't happen again if al Qaeda is on the run is similarly ludicrous. A guy who doesn't mind dying gets on a plane and subverts some rote security measures, and suddenly there's no Capitol or no White House or no Empire State Building.

(This is a repeat of a comment I originally posted to Tom Mangan's Prints the Chaff site.)

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