Tuesday, October 28, 2003

WHEN IT COMES to being a law-abiding, criminal-hating citizen, I consistently make one exception. (No, not that one. That was years ago.)

Normally I fume when I see people turning right on red when they aren't supposed to. In fact, this is one of my biggies. But most of that fuming is based on the principle that you shouldn't #@$@% pull in front of moving traffic.

Part of it, though, is the "Can't you #@#@ read?" objection, and I have to admit I'm rather inconsistent. You see, there's this "No Right on Red" sign on my way home from work. There's absolutely no reason for it. As you pull up, there's no way you could possibly cut somebody off, because the traffic that you might have cut off doesn't exist -- the street turns one-way at that point.

And then there's the fact that the streets are practically empty when I'm driving home. Except, that is, for the person who's invariably in front of me dutifully obeying the "No Right on Red" sign. This is the only place in the metropolitan area where I ignore those signs, and it happens to also be the only place in the area where anyone else obeys them.

When I have to wait at that light, I have to stop at another light. And so on. Throws the whole drive off.

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