Monday, September 01, 2003

A PORCINE PIZZA PRIMER. I'm not a pizza snob. I think Domino's is just fine. I think Bertucci's is pretty darn good. But I do have some standards.

I'm as demanding about vegetable accompaniments as I am picky about the pig products that fit them best. What a shame that green olives are rare and pepperoncini practically unheard of in the D.C.-area pizza world. As it happens, though, I publish this as I'm on a plain-pizza kick, having had gen-yoo-ine New York pizza, which is best plain, last week during our U.S. Open jaunt. (Notice that I said plain, not cheese. Pizza with toppings has cheese, too!)

I apologize in advance for sanctioning the use of pineapple chunks and artichoke hearts on pizza. Please forgive me, Chowhounds. (And I have no idea why Blogger mandates a mile of space between a table and the preceding text, so please keep scrolling .  . .)

Green olivesHam
PineappleCanadian bacon
Artichoke heartsProsciutto
NothingNothing, pepperoni, or any of the above.

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