Thursday, September 18, 2003

I HEAR "Isabel" and I think "Annabelle" and how a poor Spanish guy named Anibel gets called that by the hooligan male friends of his blind date, the chocolicious Barbara Hershey, in the wonderful and shocking 1969 teens-can-be-mean film "Last Summer."

And then I think of "The Incident," another late-'60s mean-people movie that I love.

When my wife hears "Isabel," she thinks of more normal things, but to a supernormal extent.

Speaking of Barbara Hershey and Jacqueline and All the Girls I've Loved Before, here's my attempt at saying something intelligent about the aforementioned "Lost in Translation": You look at the publicity stills and you think, wow, good for them, they cast a plain-looking actress as a quasi-romantic lead for a change. And then you watch the movie and Scarlett Johansson's character emerges and she never stops getting more beautiful, though nothing has really changed.

Also, her voice is exactly the same as Mariel Hemingway's in "Manhattan."

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