Saturday, May 03, 2003

IF WILLIAM BENNETT were a secular moralist, I'd agree with the Weekly Standard's take on Newsweek's story about his holiness's gambling habit. I'm a moralist too. I don't think people should do bad things. I'm a gambler too. I gamble and swear and drink beers and do other things that are considered "bad" mainly by the invisible-man-idolizing, ancient-book-of-fiction-shouting weirdos whom Bennett says we should all be looking up to. Bennett wears better suits and speaks less twangily than most of the Bible thumpers, but listen to him for more than half a minute and it's God this and God that and get on your knees and pray pray pray.

I'm no expert on just how sinful gambling is supposed to be, but Bennett's fellow God-boys at Focus on the Family have this to say about Mr. Morality's expensive hobby.

But F-on-the-F will change its tune, I'm sure. Remember: Adultery was no longer such a big deal when it involved Henry Hyde and Bob Dole, and drunken driving was positively charming when George W. Bush did it.

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