Wednesday, May 14, 2003

IF I CALL the office of my "primary care physician" at the time I'd normally want to call (an hour or two after I get up and a couple of hours before I leave for work), I get a recording saying the office is closed for lunch. Closed for lunch!

Which proves my theory: People are big babies.

It's only a doctor's office. They couldn't, say, stagger people's lunch hours? Wouldn't want the widdle weceptionists to have to eat all awone! (Or maybe I'm just bitter because I don't get a fricken lunch hour.)

Then there's my gym. It's not a 24-hour gym, so there are plenty of late-night and early-morning hours during which routine maintenance could be done. But, of course, the big babies couldn't be expected to hire people to work anything but 9 to 5, and so while you're there you have to dodge vacuum cleaners and be prepared for the Jacuzzi to be drained for cleaning half the time. (Or maybe I'm just bitter because I have to work while everyone else is playing. What a big baby.)

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