Saturday, February 01, 2003

WE WENT TO LAS VEGAS AGAIN last week. Some highlights:

-- I hit my first royal flushes in many, many years of playing video poker. The first was on a penny machine where you play 100 hands at a time, so it doesn't really count, but the second one was on a regular old machine. Nickels, though, so the payoff was only $200-something. Next time maybe I'll be playing quarters or dollars for a real payoff.

-- Speaking of real payoffs, Jacqueline hit four aces on a "double bonus" machine, which pays a bonus for four-of-a-kinds, especially with aces. Eight hundred dollars!

-- We had dinner and played some craps with Matt and Stinky of Cheapo Vegas fame. I think we're finally comfortable enough with craps to add it to our regular repertoire, and I did pretty well this time, finishing slightly ahead with Matt and Stinky and winning $200 or so in another session.

Of course, all those wins were just enough to help us break even. It's easy to forget the $20 here and $40 there that you feed into the poker machines or drop on the blackjack tables to no avail.

On my Las Vegas page, you'll find "Loafers in the Burgundy Room," a full report on our trip to one of downtown Las Vegas's old-school "gourmet rooms." (The evening started off on the wrong foot with an odd police presence.)

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