Friday, October 18, 2002

I TURNED ON THE RADIO and Sean Hannity, whose book somehow seems to be outselling mine, was making fun of the ACLU for its opposition to the use of military technology against the D.C.-area sniper.

Fair enough. There was a time when I deeply admired the American Civil Liberties Union, but today it seems to be less about civil liberties, or even liberalism, than it is about knee-jerk contrarianism. Whatever a normal person's gut reaction might be, the ACLU position seems to be the opposite. (I suppose you could generalize that this chasm represents the essential difference between conservatives and liberals: Conservatives trust gut reactions, for better or worse, and liberals distrust them, also for better or worse.)

Hannity then made fun of the official suggestion that D.C.-area residents protect themselves by walking quickly in a zigzag pattern.

Fair enough. That advice is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

The way to really protect yourself, Hannity continued, is to carry a gun -- and when you see the sniper aiming at you, simply shoot him first! Piece of cake.

(I'm not sure Sean knows what "sniper" means.)

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