Sunday, February 24, 2002


Sorry. I wouldn't say I have Olympic hockey fever exactly, but I am pretty worked up about the guy NBC has chosen to employ as a commentator for that event. (I believe he's a big-time hockey broadcaster of some sort, maybe on ESPN, but I don't know him well because I normally don't watch games that don't involve the Washington Capitals.)

"ON THE FIRESIDE!" this guy exclaims every five seconds or so. What he's trying to say is "far side," and it would be bad enough if he could successfully pronounce the phrase. The description is meaningless as a hockey term. All he's saying is that the action is occurring at the top of our TV screens. (We know that! We're looking at our TV screens!)

I guess it's too late to talk about firing (farring?) this pyromaniac Gary Larson wanna-be and hiring someone who doesn't refer to Adam Deadmarsh as "Dead-my-arsh."

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