Friday, January 04, 2002

WHERE DID NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER GO? Sorry 'bout that. You get forgetful when you turn 40.

One gem from the post-holiday shopping-for-me spree. (Well, two, but you'll hear plenty about the Canon Digital Elph later.) You won't find a lot of rock-'n'-roll recommendations in this space, but I have to mention the brilliance of the Strokes' "Is This It."

I realize I'm many months behind on this, but I don't follow the young whippersnappers' music the way I did when I was a young whippersnapper. And I made the discovery quite on my own: I came across the "Last Nite" video on M2 while flipping channels, and I awakened Jacqueline to tell her I had seen the future of rock. Only when I did a couple of Web searches the next day did I find out that the critics had already said that. In fact, the backlash had already begun.

What's so good about this album? The phrase "pure pop for now people" comes to mind, but that's been used. And this is a little gritty to be called pop. It does remind me of Iggy Pop. And the Jam. This of all the good things they said about Green Day, only this time it's all true.

It's simple, it's catchy, it just works. Buy the album.

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