Tuesday, October 30, 2001

I'VE JUST CROSSED OVER INTO ... The Anthrax Zone. I don't have the disease (not that I know of), but I haven't received mail since Friday. The post office that handles my mail is one where the spores have been discovered.

I've long held a special disdain for those who can't say "I don't know," and now my government has entered that category. Tom Ridge was great at making sure nobody ever went 56 mph in Pennsylvania, but now he's in way over his head. That whole speed-limit thing tells us the kind of dumb-cop mentality we're dealing with: Never mind safe driving, just make sure the needle stays where I want it to stay.

John Ashcroft is no better. The bureaucratic nonsense that comes out of his news conferences could stun an ox.

Oh, also: I have my new computer, in case you were on the edge of your seat. So far I'm pleased. Windows XP does seem to be more crash-resistant than previous Microsoft operating systems, and the Media Player is very nice.

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