Tuesday, September 18, 2001

AFTER THE ATTACKS, the e-mail thinned out. There were some expressions of concern from friends (though probably not as many as actual people with actual social lives might get), but somehow the public's need for advice on punctuation and capitalization waned.

The spam, however, continued unabated. Make money fast, cum-lapping teens, the SirCam virus. At first I was angry, but why expend the energy? Spam has no heart.

Then I got my first telemarketer call since the attacks. I fended this one off pretty quickly (no, there is no Mr. Dupree here), but this really made me mad. I really wanted to say "Shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself?"

In the spirit of leaving us with our thoughts and our loved ones and our 24-hour cable news during this time of crisis, I hereby propose a Moratorium on Motherfuckers. These intrusions into our lives are bad enough when we're feeling good, but they're downright obscene at a time like this.

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