Monday, December 11, 2000

WHY BLOG? Well, I followed the link from Aaron Barnhart's excellent TV Barn, and it sounded like a good idea. (Duh footnote: I've been subscribing to the Barnhart newsletter since it began, and I just now realized that the "barn" must have come from Aaron's last name.) BTW: Get well soon, Aaron!

I've decided to enter the blog world because I'm a writer who doesn't write. Oh, I'm a published author and all, but the book and most of my other writing is about editing. I really should be keeping a journal, but, as fans of my real Web site could tell you, I'm not that systematic. This blog won't quite be a journal (I'd prefer to be a little more blatant about my self-censorship in a public forum), but I hope it will force me to record my thoughts a little more regularly, the way I do in my Las Vegas diaries.

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