Tuesday, December 12, 2000

I'VE BEEN using the free spam-reporting service offered by SpamCop for some time now. It doesn't do a damn bit of good, near as I can tell (I'm sure the pay service is more useful, but my annoyance at spam hasn't quite reached the double-blind-encrypted-three-condoms-and-a-bulletproof-vest level), but I do get a palpable degree of "I'm telling!" satisfaction out of reporting the offenders.

Anyway, as I plot my blogging strategy, I'm envisioning a daily spam log as (a) a nice recurring feature, a la the calorie, alcohol and lottery-ticket tallies of "Bridget Jones's Diary" and (b) a therapeutic and yet empirical way of proving my theory that UUNet has dedicated its business plan to driving me batty. Is it just me, or is UUNet the source of all spam? I realize its sheer size would tend to inflate its numbers, but UUNet also seems especially vulnerable to the forged-header crowd, I've learned through SpamCop's header parsing. Read and learn ...

Spam Log 12/11/2000: I didn't start my blog till the evening, so this is an abbreviated tally: 12 spam e-mails, five from uu.net, three from sympatico.ca, two from home.net, and one each from hanyang.ac.kr and gcn.net.tw. I've gotten a lot of spam from Asia recently, and I marvel at the character sets that Microsoft has blithely assumed I wanted installed in Outlook. At best these things contain naked pictures of Asian babes*; at worst, as with today's gcn.net.tw missive, they play the theme from "Mission: Impossible" and are impervious to my computer's "mute" button.

* The phrase "naked pictures of Asian babes" produces a mere 87,200 hits in a Google search.

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